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Maple Finish Options

Natural Cherry and Natural Hard Maple are the standard wood species offered by Woodscapes Interiors. These are the standard finish options for maple. Other wood species and finish options are available. See your sales representative for availability and pricing information.

Hard maple is a strong wood, desired for it's normally straight, close grain and predominantly off-white color. Normal characteristics can include light color variations from yellow to pink. Occasionally small mineral deposits can appear as streaks that darken when stained. Grain characteristics will sometimes vary from straight to wavy.

Note: Due to variations among cameras, graphics cards, monitors, printers, etc., color samples are shown for reference only. Please consult your sales representative for true color representation.

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Maple - Natural

Maple - Honey

Maple - Light American Walnut

Maple - Brown Oak.

Maple - Medium Brown Walnut

Maple - Dark Honey

Maple - Nutmeg

Maple - Cinnamon

Maple - Ash White

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